VS & VOR Antenna Work

Had to take a break while my VOR antenna came in, as it was back ordered, so I took a couple of weeks off!

Finally, it has arrived. I chose the RAMI AV-12L.

First, I put the frame together:

Then, attach the doubler plate and the antenna to the top rib:

Upside of this antenna, it's more affordable and less draggy than the obvious alternatives.

Downside is, the 2 "rods" are not removable. This means that instead of holes to run them through, I need "slots". So I put those in and made sure to file and deburr everything.

Once in place, I secured with the screws and locknuts:

I also placed the rib in its spot and cut out the skin where needed:

Not the best looking thing, since I had to notch it out, instead of holes. We'll see what we can do to beautify this when comes pain time.

Finally, I ran the coax cable for the antenna through the ribs:

Note the absence of wiring for lighting. Given my predicament with the lights, this will have to wait, and I will not completely rivet the VS shut until I've made a decision on the way forward.