Elevator challenges

Not been having luck lately!

First, settings the rivets int he control horn didn't work quite as planned. One stem ended up loose, and one ended up crooked. Because these are stainless steel rivets, forget about drilling them out in any accurate, simple fashion. So, new parts ordered!

Secondly, the trim tab ended up warped. I think I may have bent it accidentally while trying to remove the plastic sheet from inside.

Ordering new parts!


  1. I had the same issue with the rivets, drilled them out and used 10mm SS rivets (approved by TAF); see http://www.latten.net/sling2/2017/05/05/rivet-elevator-skeleton/ and also my trim tab is a bit twisted (4 mm) see http://www.latten.net/sling2/2017/04/29/trim-tab-ready/


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