VOR Antenna & VS Skin Fit

Was waiting on a few more parts!

Connected the antenna to its coax cable, which took some figuring out because of this little looped wire that was completely in the way (Part of the "balun" I suspect):

I riveted on a cable tie mount and used a cable tie to relieve the forces from the antenna connector itself, and added a bit of RTV silicone to make sure the cable never rubs against one of the mounting screws.

Then mount the rib to the rest of the VS frame:

Looking good!

After making sure the coax was running down to the bottom of the VS nicely, I fitted the skin:

Had to open up the antenna holes a bit to prevent rubbing, but everything else seems to fit nicely.

Next to deburr, prime and rivet on one side of the skin (Keep the other side clecoed for inspection and to work on lighting wiring, something still to be figured out).