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More Trim Tab Woes & Elevator Progress!

Bad news first. That new, shiny, perfectly straight trim tab? Yeah, it's the WRONG PART! Apparently it was mislabelled as a left trim tab, when it is in fact a right one: The top 2 are my previous, old and busted ones, notice the shape and angle on the right, and the location of the holes for the control horn. The bottom one is reversed! So I guess I'll go ahead and get a *4th* one. But, not to worry, this hasn't stopped me from making good progress on the rest of the elevator: Getting the skin on just right was a bit of a challenge, but I'm quite happy with the result. I gotta say, placing it vertically sure helped: stand at the end, look down the edge, look at the ribs, etc. and adjust as needed. Doing this laying flat on a table would've been far more painful, having it to flip it over constantly (That trim tab is an old dented one, but for the purposes of fitting everything it works fine, it's not yet one permanently). I