Misaligned holes, or rookie mistake?

I have been riveting my HS, and have run into a bit of a snag:

Note the bent metal. This is where the two front spar channels meet.

I had some hole alignment issues on my first try, so I unclecoed and reclecoed everything, and things went better at first, and a number of rivets are indeed set: But then I noticed the above, possibly a little later than I should have.

The remainder of the rivets to set on that side of the HS will not go in (See the two matching rows of clecoes below, on the flanges of the spar). Note how the "top" ones are set. There is some misalignment left, however small, and I can't proceed further without having to do some things I'm not sure about at this point.

​Thoughts so far:

  • One solution i could contemplate: match-drill/ream the problematic holes, and just keep going. Once the two holes where the bend is situated are "used" (to attach to the airframe I presume), it might all end up solid enough. The holes are close tolerance, I think I can do this safely while respecting the specs on the rivet hole requirements ... Any of #20, #21, #22 would do.

  • I had the entire HS clecoed together, skin and all, to test fit, and I never noticed this. Why? Well one likely reason is I was short on the 5/32 black clecoes, and where did I skimp on them? You guessed it, in that very spot. A few lessons learned:
    • I need lots more clecoes!
    • Clecoes do not necessarily 100% emulate riveting. Even where clecoes all fit, rivets may not.
    • Riveting a large assembly together, instead of only a sub-component, may not be better, and its only better if you have enough rivets to really do the whole thing properly. 
  • Based on my observation, I suspect that in the end the 5 4mm rivets on the left side of the bend, closest to the center of the overall front spar (closest to where it meets the other half), were slightly misaligned with the rest. Somehow me reclecloing moved things around enough that I got to keep going somewhat. Mostly, I regret not stopping sooner, would've probably made things easier in the long run.
This is what it looks like when getting the bend out, you can barely tell there was a problem, you have to look pretty close to see it ... but with airplanes, sometimes that's all it can take to give you a real bad day:

I shall seek TAF support on this. I don't mind buying/waiting for some new parts ... Make newbie mistakes was always a likelihood! :)


I just realized those larger holes are 3/16ths, and though there are no rivets for them, I do have clecoes for them! So I installed them, and things look much better now ... only the smallest of bends that you have to look *real close* to even notice.

And here a close up of the holes, hard to see why the rivets won't even fit ... very close tolerances ... could just be some primer in the way. I can clean these and be within spec no problem.

So, I suspect with this last information, TAF will suggest I can go forward with my original plan.

Part of the learning experience is learning what's OK and what isn't, and reading between the lines of the plans, which leave a lot of blanks for you to fill in ;)