Empennage lighting

The empennage is a relatively simple thing, 4 surfaces (vertical and horizontal stabilizer, rudder, and elevator).

It does however "contain" 2 systems: Electrical trim, and lighting.

Lighting can be subject to regulation, and in Canada, is indeed, even on home-built aircraft.

The rules are : Standard 625 Schedule 1 - Position and Anti-collision Light Systems

Not as stringent as the certified rules, but more stringent than US rules. As it turns out, the Sling 4 kit, as provided, does not let me meet these requirements. I will need to improvise.

The big problem is the requirement to have a steady white light facing aft though 140 degrees, like this. Although there is an alternative solution of using two steady white lights on the wing tips, the way the lights mount on the Sling 4's wing tips, that won't work, as they will not provide the required projection.

You can see why here. They angle forward and downwards somewhat. Even with white aft lighting on the wing tips, there will be a "dead" spot for an aircraft directly behind you, and no contiguous 140 degrees. I like to see and be seen!

My favored solution is therefore to find a way to install said rear-facing white light on the rudder.

Only two options I can think of:

  1. Install on the trailing edge of the rudder. Something like what Zenair does on their kits.
  2. Modify the rudder tip to incorporate the light.
Option 1 is kind of ugly, and possibly disrupts the rudder's performance, so that's last resort.

For now, I will investigate #2! So that means learning fiberglass laying skills, or paying someone to do it! Don't have to decide right this second, but I can't wait too long, as added lighting means added electrical, which in turn means more/larger holes!