Workshop and Tools

Being well setup and well equipped is a sure fire way to make your building experience more enjoyable, and that's without even mentioning a builder's general love for having toys!

Although the Kit Assembly Instructions have a list of tools, I thought I would share my experience when it comes to some tools, as sometimes finding them, or finding the right one, can be a challenge.

Air Compressor and Air Tools

Although you can technically possibly get away without needing an air compressor or air tools, I would strongly recommend you not "cheap out" on this setup.

  • Pneumatic riveter, air drills, die grinders.
  • Allows you to do many things faster.
  • Needed for spray priming and/or painting, if you're going to do that yourself.
  • Supposedly more energy efficient than electrical tools.
  • Smaller tools, notably air drills, that are easier to handle and manoeuvre.
  • In order to get the proper metal cutting RPMs, only an air drill will do.
  • So long as your compressor is on, you never run out of power, unlike running into dead battery issues.
  • You can build yourself a compressed air system and run piping to where you need it.
  • If you do the above point, you can place the compressor anywhere you like!
  • Compressed air has other uses, such as compression tests on cylinders, inflating your tires, etc.
  • If you like to work on your home, it will also power nail guns!
  • More expensive than just having a few electrical tools, or even manual ones.
  • Can be quite noisy, depending on the compressor type and model, and where you place it.
  • You have to mind the tank, drain it, turn it on and off when you need it don't need it, possibly mind the oil levels, etc.
  • Need to oil air tools daily.

Air Compressor

I just replaced my old cheap compressor with this baby:

It's a California Air Tools 15020c, Ultra-Quiet and Oil-Free! Fantastic piece of machinery, highly recommended. As you might have noticed, it actually lives in a small room in the basement, and is connected to the garage via a RapidAir system (You can build this from parts if you know where to source them, but I chose the kit for convenience). You can barely hear it outside that room with the door closed.

Air Tools