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More elevator work

I've been prepping the elevator metal. Found a better way to get my parts to dry after priming, put some small nails into my custom built shelving unit, and voila! First, here are all the parts nicely laid out: Then here they are drying: And here I am putting the trim tab together:

Horizontal stabilizer wait and elevator/trim tab start

Well its official, apparently the front HS spar has to be nice and tight, so TAF is sending me some new parts! In the mean time, I'm starting the elevator. And the first part is the trim tab, which requires shortened rivets. Here is how I did it: First, hammer out the mandrel. I did this with the bench vise set at juuust the right opening (sorry, some blurry pictures ahead): Then, place the rivet upside down in a piece of spare sheet metal with a hole in it, held with a clamp. This holds it in place upside down. Then used a cutting wheel to cut off about half of the rivet's length. Finally, deburr the work a little bit: Then, back in the vise to put the mandrel back in: Repeat 32 more times!