Rib 4 (almost) completed

The "frame" of Rib 4 is completed!

I once again had to bend that inside flange out of the way :(

Here it is with the extra bits attached:

One problem I'm noticing on this rib, and also rib 5 now that I went back and checked, is that the bending of that inside flange created a curvature in the top part of the rib, as you'd expect, really:

I expect a bit of fluting along that same inside flange should fix this ... I'll give that a try next.


  1. Hey mate not sure where else to ask this. Are you using the quick build kit or the standard kit?

    1. This is a standard kit/build!

    2. Do you think the quick build kit would save 400 hours like they claim?

    3. That provides you with a mostly assembled fuselage and wings ... I haven't finished either (And I don't count my hours), so it's a little hard for me to say ... that being said, those are certainly time consuming parts of the aiframe assembly ... so I'd expect the 400 hours not to be too far off from reality. In the end it would also depend on how fast/slow you yourself build, if you're a slow builder, it saves you even MORE, for example. In the end I would measure this more in terms of the "trouble" it saves you and how much sooner you will fly than exactly how many hours it theoretically saves you ... ? Sorry, not the best answer, but it's all I can provide!

    4. Thanks mate! Hopefully I can start my own soon. Are you going for the Rotax 915?

    5. Don't know yet, have some time to decide ... I'd like one, but I may not want to be too early an adopter ... and price has yet to be announced (And a different propeller than that recommended for the 914 will be required I believe). A potentially good compromise will be a 914 with a fuel injection mod kit ... there's a couple of them out there ... so long as it fits under the same cowl and doesn't end up costing the same as a 915 of course :)

    6. Some good points. Cheers!


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