Rear fuselage skinning

I have been working on the rear fuselage skins!

One the one side, there's a hole missing in the skin to match the longeron:

As it turns out, that rivet gets in the way of the forward skin that goes on top:

So I had to indent the skin a little bit to make room for that rivet (on both sides).
Also discovered that the ribs can sometimes push the skin out, and create a "bulge" in the skin. You can fix this by bending or filing down the offending parts of the ribs, and hammering the skin a little bit.

Finally, I proceeded to the forward skins:

Don't forget to leave a few unriveted holes for the steps! The installation of the steps is entirely undocumented, but it appears they fit one rivet back from the joint to the center fuselage.

Due to a known manufacturing defect, some holes were misaligned, and I create a doubler for added strength: