Ribs 3 and 2 assembly

I have now assembled the remaining ribs 3 and 2!

Rib 3 on the jig:

And the finished product:

The plans were wrong, but at least the parts all fir together nicely this time.

And here is rib 2 finished ... forgot to take some pictures of the process. This one is special in that the top faces one way, and the bottom another. As such the jig is also on one side, and then another, instead of being all on one side. Hard to explain without pictures!

The top of the rib didn't line up with the jig for me ... but according to the plans those top holes are maybe not supposed to?

Everything else line sup perfectly so for now I'll just move on.

The shelf support pieces are missing here, though I did add them later!

All done the ribs!


  1. JF,
    not sure which shelf support pieces you are refering to, but be sure to also install the Auxiliary Luggage Floor Gusset CF-GUS-007- now, if you have a parachute and therfore have to do the Sling 4 Rear Fuselage Modifications ( see page D7). IMHO it will almost impossible to do it later the way described in the manual.

    1. I was referring to the RF-GUS-005-L/R ... which support the luggage shelf, I believe ... Looking at page D7, the setup looks a little confusing to me right now anyways ... that being said I do not plan on installing a parachute ... but them, these modifications pages never seem to mention what you're modifying or why ... so good to know that that mod is parachute related! I have it on my list to ask TAF about these mods ... So the D7-9 pages are all parachute mods? Thanks for reading!


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