Skinning the horizontal stabilizer, and working vertically

With the front spar issue fixed, I can move forward on the HS. It was the first assembly I started, and it is a relatively simple one, so I'm looking forward to being able to call that one complete.

I ran the electrical wire for the trim, through the grommets, and the edge protection in the lightning hole, and now I proceed to skinning:

Again, note how I work vertically. Things line up very nicely this way. No requirement to "get kinks out", to try and stretch the skin, or anything like that. I started with it lying on a table, but again, this part is NOT flat, and when I flipped it over to the other side, things were not looking as lined up as I'd hoped.

The minute I put it up, thing fell into place quite nicely.

You can see it's precariously sitting on some bits of 2x4's ... not super stable, but stable enough. I just don't leave it alone like that.

This is actually the fairly common way to assemble these kinds of components. I suspect TAF thinks it's easier and simpler to do it on a simple table, but my experience so far suggests that taking the time to put together a vertical setup may very well be worth it!

Anyways, I clecoed both skins on, one cleco every second hole, and checked the ends. Seems they perfectly line up!