Horizontal stabiliser deburring & fluting completed!

I have now completed the deburring and cleaning of the horizontal stabiliser. It went rather well. I won't document the process, as the internet does a fine job already. Some noteworthy points however:
  • In some spots the protective film was not doing its job, leaving a white/milky surface. This is easily cleaned with isopropanol.
  • The manufacturing seems to do a decent job of not leaving too many burrs, I run my fingers along edges and use files and other tools to remove the burrs I find, and only those:
  • There are many other ways to deburr of course, notably sandpaper and deburring wheels, both of which I have ... so I will continue to experiment ... the files work nicely and precisely, but are maybe  a little slow. Then again, I'm not in a hurry!
  • Ribs are also fluted! Finding ways to flute the small nose ribs without bending too much metal and create sharp edges is a little tricky, but luckily given their size, not much fluting is required anyways.
  • Found a few burrs on the hinge brackets! Didn't expect that, since the metal is quite thick.
Next up: metal prep & priming!